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The internet and associated technologies have made the world shrink and have brought people closer together. Skype is one of those tools which have benefited businesses and individuals alike. These days, traffic congestion in the Puget Sound area can make a face-to-face meeting more challenging and therefore businesses are utilizing video conferencing as an additional tool for client contact. The Law Office of Gary Gill believes that a client’s time and money are valuable, so we now offer our clients video conferencing through Skype. All you need to get started with Skype is an internet connection and a microphone/speaker on your computer (opening a Skype account is free).

Why Skype:

  • You can communicate via video or audio on your computer free of charge
  • Avoid traffic and downtown parking
  • Save time by staying at home or your office to communicate with your attorney
  • You can view and revise documents online with your attorney
  • Enjoy security encrypted calls from your computer to our computer
  • Skype allows for conference calling with three or more people

If you have a Skype Account, click below to Skype Gary Gill:

My status

If you do not have a Skype account, you can set one up using the following links:


Once you have a Skype account, simply add our Law Office to your contact list.  Our Skype name is “pugetlaw”.

You may also contact Gary Gill by clicking the Skype button at the upper right hand corner of our website. Gary is available to Skype with you during normal business hours or we can schedule a time to talk if he is unavailable.  You can even leave a typed message through Skype if we are off-line.


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