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FOR OVER 29 YEARS, the Law Office of Gary E. Gill has provided legal services principally in the areas of estate planning (wills, trusts, and prenuptials), probate, small business, real estate, and personal injury. We are located on the waterfront in downtown Seattle and we practice throughout the State of Washington with the majority of our client base in King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties.


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Guidance for your family and heirs during a difficult time…

Gary Gill has been practicing probate law in King County, Washington, for over twenty years.  One of his strongest areas of expertise is in the efficient and knowledgeable administration of Washington probates.  Mr. Gill is compassionate when dealing with clients and family, yet forceful when representing the estate’s interest in the courts and with creditors.  At the appointed time, clients need a trusted advisor to ensure that decedent’s wishes are followed and his or her legacy is kept intact.

On a number of occasions, the King County Superior Court has appointed Mr. Gill as a Professional Personal Representative in complex or contentious probates to ensure competent handling of the issues.

Even if the decedent died without a Will, Mr. Gill can assist you and make the probate process as easy as possible during this trying time.  If you are the executor or personal representative of an estate, you can count on our expertise to ensure that no steps are overlooked.

Contact our office at (206) 621-1600 if a loved one has recently passed for further information on the probate process in Washington.

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Planning for the Future…

The Law Office of Gary Gill, P.S., located in Seattle, Washington, has over twenty years of experience in assisting clients with planning for their family’s future and well-being.  Many people are fearful when faced by the prospect of making arrangements for what will happen after their death.  Gary Gill is especially skilled at translating your current wishes into your family’s future well-being.  A well crafted Last Will and Testament or Trust will ensure your wishes are honored and will protect against disputes after your death.  Additionally, careful drafting can save or eliminate estate taxes and likely reduce the costs associated with probate.

Estate planning consists of more than simply drafting a Last Will and Testament.  Mr. Gill is an expert at handling the intricacies of your estate, whether it is smaller and straightforward or larger and more complex.

Please contact Gary Gill at (206) 621-1600 for a free telephone consultation or to make an appointment.

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As two individuals develop a relationship, it often becomes important for them to clarify their rights as to their respective property interests.  Such interests may include real estate, future income, businesses, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement benefits and even tangible personal property.  It may also include inheritances.  When couples decide to formally live together, it is often a good idea for them to put down in writing their various rights and responsibilities in connection with their relationship.  This includes same-sex couples and couples who are contemplating cohabitation but not marriage.

Divorce rates in the United States remain high. Naturally, almost no couple plans to get divorced before they get married.  Additionally, many cohabitating couples believe that they can amicably part ways upon a break up.  This, however, is not always the case.  In many situations, a couple can greatly benefit from some form of relationship agreement, such as a prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreement, domestic partnership agreement, or cohabitation agreement. By making relationship agreements about how property and finances should be divided if the marriage or relationship ends, parties can potentially avoid expensive and confrontational litigation.

The Law Office of Gary E. Gill, P.S. can assist you in understanding your rights and to clarify obligations you may have when entering into a committed relationship.  Please call us at (206) 621-1600.

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Taking care of the details so you can take care of business…

The Law Office of Gary Gill, P.S., located in Seattle, Washington, has been representing small business clients for more than two decades.  We will take care of the details of incorporation while you concentrate on the big picture of starting and nurturing your business.  You want and need detail-oriented individuals by your side to help you through the task of incorporating your business.  We can help you determine the appropriate legal structure for your business and then create your business entity for you.  Our law office will draft your Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Shareholder Agreements, Operating Agreements, and assist you in any state and local business license filings.  We will help you to follow any other corporate and business formalities.

We will assist you in the drafting and negotiation of agreements, contracts and leases and advise you on landlord-tenant issues.  In the event that you need to unwind your small business, our law office can provide direction on the best way to dissolve your business or partnership.

You should also hire a Certified Public Accountant to assist you in certain aspects of your new venture.  Our office works closely with a number of CPA’s and can even recommend one for you.  Of course, we are also more than willing to work side-by-side with a CPA of your own choosing.

Call us at (206) 621-1600 to get your small business up and running.

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Real Estate: Gary Gill has been involved in many real estate transactions.  He has worked with his clients in the buying and selling of both commercial and residential real estate.  He has additional experience advising clients on real estate transactions occurring within a probate or trust.

Personal Injury: Mr. Gill has represented plaintiffs in cases involving injuries from auto accidents, burns, and general non-employment related injuries.  He has also handled a number of probate matters dealing with wrongful death litigation.

Contracts: Whether you are negotiating a contract related to real estate or employment, or you require an agreement to settle a dispute, the Law Office of Gary E. Gill can assist you.

General Litigation: Mr. Gill has been involved in many general civil litigation matters during his 20 years of practice.  Contact our office to discuss your case.  In the event that your matter requires more specialized representation, Mr. Gill can refer you to an attorney who practices in the area of law that is in dispute.

If you have any questions or need assistance with any legal matters, please call us at (206) 621-1600 for a telephone consultation or to set up an appointment.

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Harborscape Professional Building
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